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Fix Final Cut Crashing

When you try to open a particular library. "Final Cut crashes"

If this is your problem - Well! here's the fix.

A warning - this is not a procedure if you're a novice.

It involves opening the protected Final Cut Pro library bundle. So get an experienced person to do it for you if you're unsure.

I'm happy to help just click:

Otherwise if you follow the steps in order you can't get it wrong.

Make sure Final Cut Pro's not running. Find the Final Cut Pro library bundle in the finder.

Right-click on the purple icon - that's not the words. Duplicate - you'll see a copy below.

Right-click the purple icon - not the words - on the original Library. Select

"Show package contents ".

Now move the file "CurrentVersion.flexolibrary" to the trash.

Close the package contents file.

Now double-click the purple icon on the original library.

Number One,

If Final Cut Pro launches then the problems fixed.

But you need to Verify and Repair all the Projects in the Library.

I'll show you that later in the tutorial.

Number two.

If Final Cut Pro didn't launch when you double clicked the original library after trashing.

Be aware

with this method you'll lose at least one project. (unlikely more but it is possible)

If you've only got one Project in your Library then there's no point in going any further, because it won't be recovered with this method.

If you want to recover any other Projects then this is what you need to do.

Right-click on the original Library in the Finder.

Again show "Package contents" and you're going to remove each Project within each Event folder until you get Final Cut Pro to launch.

So you'll be removing projects in the Event folders one by one until you find the faulty Project.

Whatever you do "Do NOT remove _Temp or Motion templates folders.

The Projects are in the Event folders and there can be more than one Project in any Event folder.

But how do you know? I'll show you in a minute.

But first you need to sort out which are the Event folders and

You'll know it's an Event folder because it contains a file called "CurrentVersion.fcpevent".

If you've got a lot of Events and other folders showing, I suggest you work through and find all the Events and then color those folders.

Right-click and select a color, for instance - red in this case.

To make things hard to understand the Projects that you're going to remove are also folders within those Event folders.

So now you need to find out what are the Project folders and they will not be called: Analysis files, Original media, Render files, Shared items, or Transcoded media.

When you open what you think is a Project folder It'll have a file called "CurrentVersion.fcpevent"

(Before you ask, Yes! that's the same file name as in the open Event folder. Same name but different contents. Don't mix them up.)

I suggest you color the Project folders with another color, so you can recognize them later. Use green in this case.

Now delete Projects one at a time until Final Cut Pro launches.

If you think you know which Project may be the damaged one - try that one first.

This is how to do it.

Delete the "CurrentVersion.flexolibrary" file in the Library folder. This will be stored in the trash so you can replace it later if needed.

Delete the first Project file "yacht races 1" in this case.

Click on the top back chevron.

Double-click the Library icon.

If Final Cut Pro launches you've found the damaged Project. If it doesn't launch, though, you need to replace - that's put back - the folder you removed and the "CurrentVersion.flexolibrary" file.

How to do that?

Right-click on the original Library and "Show package contents" again. press Command+Z until you see the "Current Version.flexolibrary" file and the "yacht races 1" Project folder.

You can also use the "Put back" command by right clicking on the trash.

I suggest you color the Project that you've tried with a different color, try yellow in this case.

Continue until Final Cut Pro launches.

Now that you've got the Library to launch you need to "Verify and Repair" all Projects to make sure they're okay.

This is the simple bit.

Select "Smart collections" > Projects.

Double-click a Project to make sure it's open than the timeline.

Hold the Option key and select the Clip menu.

You'll see a new command that wasn't visible before you have the Option key down. "Verify and repair project".

If all's okay you'll get a message "No repair is needed at this time"

Otherwise Final Cut Pro will try to repair the inconsistencies for you.

Continue until you've verified all the Projects.

With this method there'll be one project that can't be recovered, that's because you've removed it. But all the others will be available to you.

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