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Thousands of tools that integrate and support Final Cut Pr

There are thousands of tools that integrate and support Final Cut Pro but the major players below are all covered in my book Edit without Tears in Final Cut Pro due out Dec 2023. These tools make creating a video in Final Cut Pro more efficient, easier and more polished. In my book I have a specific chapter on how to use these tools and where they fit in the video production process.

  • Command Post - post production tool

  • Post Lab and Lucid Link - editor collaboration in the cloud

  • Hand Brake – changing file formats

  • Audacity – Audio correction tool to improve audio

  • Motion 5 – Every effect like transitions and titles for more originality

  • Final Cut Library Manager – Ease of archiving projects

Have you ever thought of using these tools to help your Final Cut Pro editing? What are your favourite editing tools perhaps you use something different in your video production? Are there any others you would like featured in the book – I would love to know!

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