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Final Cut Pro training session

Learn iMovie
via Zoom

A Personalised Approach to Learning


You now have the time to learn iMovie with our personalised training on ZOOM or SKYPE - we will share your screen and remotely teach you how to edit.


All you require is an internet account. With your shared screen we will show you around the iMovie interface and explain all the menus and shortcuts to get you working more efficiently and faster.


Learn from home

We help you understand the technology


We have been teaching iMovie and Final Cut Pro via Zoom & Skype for over 10 years


Contact by email:

Our courses are personal “one-on-one” classes – you learn at your speed.

You don’t need to worry about keeping pace with other students as you would in a group class. Of course, we can also set up group training sessions over Skype or Zoom as well.