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Apple's entry-level desktop video editing application can turn your footage and photos into impressive productions.

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Complete iMovie tutorials


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This is what makes iMovie special

  • Beautifully simple interface

  • Color matching for consistent movie looks

  • Classy themes

  • Great chroma-keying tool

  • Lots of audio tools

  • Excellent movie templates


If you have a Mac, you most certainly have iMovie or can download it for free.  Maybe you've even used iMovie before.
But do you know everything there is to know about iMovie?

iMovie was especially designed to be a very easy to use movie editor.  And it is.  But it still packs a ton of features.  Most people aren't aware of the range of features that are hidden inside iMovie.

In this iMovie course I will cover everything you need to know in order to master this application completely.  Even if you've already used iMovie before, after taking this course you'll be able to accomplish things you didn't even know were possible with a free and "Basic" application.  And you will impress friends, family and colleagues with your works of art.

Complete iMovie

2 x hours - in 1 or 2 x hour sessions




One-on-One via Zoom

Group Zoom classes

(Minimum 3 persons)* 

* Group Zoom sessions require a minimum of 3 x persons. Dates and times arranged to suit all parties

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This course is meant for all levels, from beginners to advanced users.
For beginners: because I explain everything.  You need no prior knowledge before taking this course.  And after finishing this course you will know everything about iMovie and you'll be able to produce amazing movies and trailers, with movie clips, photos, transitions, titles, backgrounds and maps, with video and audio effects, using themes, etc.
For advanced users,  I will show you how to overcome and work around many of iMovie's limitations and help accomplish many things that iMovie's designers and developers never meant you could even do with iMovie.  

What this course is not:

  • I will not teach you how to shoot your footage, this course focuses on video editing in iMovie, I will cover how shooting your footage can ease how you edit in iMovie.

  • I will not give you ideas on what movies you should make.  While the creative process should come from you, I will give you ideas how your movie would look better.

  • This course only covers iMovie for the Mac and not iMovie for iOS.

​If you have any questions click the link below and I will be respond within 24 hours.

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