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Free Final Cut Pro Tutorials

FREE Tutorials to Get you Started
with Final Cut Pro 10.6

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This is our free tutorial series on Apple’s Final Cut Pro 10.6  video editing software. These tutorials are designed to get you working in the shortest time. They guide you through what you need to know in Final Cut Pro 10.6.

The lesson files are free to download,

so you can work along with the Instructions. Quickly learn the Basics in Final Cut Pro from start to finish.

Once you have completed these tutorials you can learn Final Cut Pro in more depth

Lesson 2 - Import

The Main Work Spaces of Final Cut Pro

What's a Library?

How the interface looks with Projects

The Browser

Skim Media in the Browser:

Where to access Photos and Music

The Timeline can contain more than one Project: Access Effects and Transitions

Show open Projects in the Timeline:

The Inspector

Export or Share

Quick Start

If you are in a hurry to get going. 

You will create a movie in 5 minutes.

The full Instruction takes 10 minutes

Essential Knowledge

Final Cut is easy to use - when you know how - watch for 20 minutes and you will save many hours of time trying to work things out for yourself

Rookie Series - Lesson 1

This MADE EASY series of 20 tutorials is for new users of Final Cut Pro 10.6. It'll get you quickly understanding how to create videos. The series is designed to let you follow along using your own copy of Final Cut Pro. If you don't currently own Final Cut Pro, Apple has a free 90-day trial version you can download.

Lesson 3

Final Cut is easy to use - when you know how - watch for 20 minutes and you will save many hours of time trying to work things out for yourself

Lesson 4 - Trimming


Difference between Red and Yellow:

Remove frames from the end of the clip:

2 up view of both the beginning and end :

Add frames to the beginning of a clip

Lesson 5 - Refining the Trim

This is the 5th Tutorial in the MADE EASY  series of Final Cut Beginner’s lessons

Show Media already Used in the timeline:

Add the rest to the timeline:

Lesson 6 - Titles

Select "Titles" with the "T" button:

Change the Text in the inspector:

Change the text size:

Change the Font:

Change the text Color:

Save the color for future use:

Change a build-in and build-out Title:

Animated Opener Title:

Change Multiple words and position:


Adjust parameters for a Generator: 5:10

Lesson 7 - Transitions

"Built-in" Transitions:

Select Transitions:

Search for Transitions:

add a transition to hide an edit point:

Use Fade to Color (Black):

Add a Transition to Emphasize an edit point: 

Lesson 8 - Effects

Hover over an Effect to see a preview in the Viewer: Adjust an Effect in the Inspector:

Apply an added Effect to other multiple clips:

Warning: Effects are Additive:

A Radical Effect - Comic Look: 3:30

Lesson 9 - Navigation

Zoom-in for more details zoom-out for a wider view:

Increase the Height of the Track:

Jump to Beginning and End:

Difference between Red and White Play heads:

Move along the timeline while viewing the video:

J,K,L Keys:

Play at Half-Speed:

The timeline is a container for any open Projects 

Lesson 10 - Magnetic Timeline

The Magnetic Effect:

Position Tool breaks the Magnetic Effect:

Connected clips:

Photos as Connected Clips:

Change the Aspect Ratio to suit the timeline:

"V" to Disable and Enable a clip:

The connection point:

Change the Connection Point:

Create a magnetic storyline for the Connected clips:

Stacking Connected clips for a split-screen effect


as a thank-you: 

I appreciate your support

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Lesson 11 - Audio

In some respects, Audio is more important than the video itself. Research shows that your audience is more likely to stop watching sooner when audio is hard to hear, than if the video is not up to scratch. No matter what, the best results are achieved at the recording stage. As the saying goes “garbage in, garbage out”.

Lesson 12 - Color Correction 

Color is a vast subject, so the objective of this tutorial is to keep it simple and to show you the controls on how to adjust color with the inspector’s color wheels.

Using the Color wheels:

Select Color Wheels in the Inspector:

Highlights Wheel:

Change the Brightness:

Change the Color Saturation:

Change the actual Color:

Reset Color wheel changes:

Color correction example

Lesson 13 - The Inspector

The Inspector lets you make adjustments:

Reveal the previously saved Project :

The Inspector's Tabs:

Text Tab:

Change Color of Text:

Fill the 16x9 viewer with a 4x3 Photo:

Change Opacity:

Change Blend Mode:

Stabilize a shaky video

Lesson 14 - Animation

Drag Image above a background-clip:

The Object needs a transparent background:

How to make a background transparent:

Move Playhead to the beginning of the clip:

Reduce screen view:

A Keyframe is selected here:

Move Playhead to the end location:

Lesson 15 - Export/Share

The choices are simple. Do you what a high-quality video to send to a TV station for Broadcast? Do you want to burn it onto a USB Thumb drive to sent to relatives overseas? Do you want to upload to YouTube or Facebook? Whatever, the setup process is the same.

The main Export Choices:

Save presets for Export:

Batch Export - more than one file at a time


More Advanced Topics


The next 5 x topics are for the more advanced user to complete your knowledge of Final Cut Pro

Lesson 16 - The Middle Menu Bar

The Index:

Video for Roles in detail: 

Choices to add from Browser to Timeline:

Drag clips to the timeline:

Add with Audio or without Audio:

Transform, Crop and Distort:

Color and Audio change:

Speed Controls:

Speed Controls in detail - Video:

The Skimmer on/off control:

Audio Skimmer:

Solo clip Control:

Snapping control:

Temporary Snapping:

Height of clips in the Timeline

Lesson 17 - Preference Settings

Settings from Final Cut Pro menu:

General Tab:

Editing Tab: 

Playback Tab:

Player Background:

Import video.

Delete Preferences - Trash Preferences:

Lesson 18 - Multicam

Final Cut is easy to use - when you know how - watch for 20 minutes and you will save many hours of time trying to work things out for yourself

Lesson 19 - Keyboard Short cuts

There are hundreds of commands built-in to Final Cut that do not appear in the menus nor have default shortcuts. You can allocate your own shortcuts to any of these commands as well as add more suitable shortcuts, that you can remember.

Download a list of Shortcuts:

Customize is in the Final Cut Pro Menu:

Customize "Trim to Start "and "Trim to End":

Search for the command:

Lesson 20 - Markers

Name a Marker:

To-Do Marker:

Chapter markers:

Thumbnail for Chapter Markers:

Remove all Markers:

Delete markers from the whole Project:

Use Index to Access Markers:

Tip for Youtubers: 4

Right-click to modify:

How to Nudge Markers:

Audio sub-frame Nudge: 

Short cuts:

Jump between makers: 

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