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This is our free tutorial series on Apple’s Final Cut Pro 10.5.2  video editing software. These tutorials are designed to get you working in the shortest time. They guide you through what you need to know in Final Cut Pro 10.5. The video files are free to download, so you can work along with the lessons. Quickly learn the Basics in Final Cut Pro from start to finish.

Once you have completed these tutorials you can learn Final Cut Pro in more in-depth

Lesson Nº 2 Essential Knowledge

Lesson Nº 1 Quick Start

Lesson Nº 3 Import

Lesson Nº 4 Import Photos iTunes

Lesson Nº 6 Add Effects

Lesson Nº 5 The First Edit

Lesson Nº 7 The Timeline

Lesson Nº 8 Slow Motion

Lesson Nº 10 Export 

Lesson Nº 9 Transitions

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