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Hourly rates:  US$80.00 – minimum of 1 x hour.

Payment: I will send an invoice via PayPal.

(AUD$110.00 – £60.00 – €75.00 – CAD$100.00 per hour) Discounts for monthly accounts.

After each session, follow-up support is offered, via email at no charge, for a period of 7 x days

Our courses are personal “one-on-one” classes – you learn at your speed. You don’t need to worry about keeping pace with other students as you would in a group class. Of course, we can also set up group training sessions over Skype or ZOOM as well.


We guarantee that if you are not satisfied within the first 30 minutes, there is NO Charge – deposit will be refunded

100 Guarantee satisfaction for tutorials
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