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Advanced Final Cut Pro tutorials

Monthly Membership

The "Monthly Membership" provides all of the benefits of the "Pick my Brain" sessions with the advantage of having quick Priority access to my schedule with ongoing support.

These consulting Sessions are for both new and experienced Final Cut Pro users who need immediate and quick help from a professional who has been there and experienced the same issues you are having.
When you just want someone to help you get things running again, without a fuss.
I offer my honest opinion about what I'd have done differently, based on my current knowledge from my past trials and errors

I help you identify areas of Final Cut that you need experience with and create an action guide for you to follow after the session. 

We will meet at your convenience by video conference (Zoom or Skype) so that you can see my screen as I explain the procedures. Then you can share your screen so I can show you how to work on your computer. By using your computer I can advise you how to set up preferences and settings personalized for you

Each call can be recorded, so you don’t have to worry about taking notes during our call, and you will receive a copy of the recording provided on DropBox along with the copy of the Action Guide.


Monthly Membership

Unlimited Training per month

Maximum of 2 x hours per session

Per Month

One-on-One via Zoom



US$99.00 per Month

Annual payment

One-on-One via Zoom

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