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 Top 10 Video Editing Tips  

If you are new to video editing, how do you know what to do?

The process doesn't come naturally -  unless you're Stephen Spielberg.


As with anything it all starts with planning what you intended to film. This will depend on the complexity of your video - but no matter what - you should have had some plan for what you were going to film.


Let’s look at simple things you can to get started.


Consider these as the rules - be aware, that you can break the rules, to bring in YOUR personality -


But as the saying goes; “You need to know the rules before you can break them".   

1. ​Know your audience.


The single most important consideration before you start editing your video is to imagine who will be watching the video. Do they want all the details or do they want to watch the video in as short a time as possible and still experience the story?


What will hold their attention?


If you have multiple audiences - then edit with more than one video.

2. Edit out stuff you don’t need – less is more.

This ties in with number 1. There are only two people who want to watch all that footage of a wedding video. The bride’s mother and you. The bride’s mother will even complain about scenes you missed. Everybody else will be asleep after a few minutes.


Remember, that the word "EDIT" actually means "Remove".












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