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The 2021 NEW M1 24-inch iMac

It’s here the 2021 M1 iMac

Announced on 20th April, was the 24-inch 2021 iMac updating the Intel 21-inch iMac

All of the rumors about the Spring event logo being a rotated Hello bearing back to the original Mac were correct.

This is more than a refresh - it is a new enclosure and back to the future color selection - with lighter tones at the front and more vivid tones at the back. But it does still have a chin.

This looks like the start of the new iMac range.

It is a 24-inch screen in most the same dimension enclosure as the 21in iMac - watch out for the 27-inch replacement model that is yet to come - with, very likely, a 30-inch screen in much the same-sized enclosure as the current 27-inch Intel model


The whole computer is now much thinner thanks to the M1 chip - at 11.5 mm.

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