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New Mac Studio and Studio Display

Today, Apple announced 2 completely new Products - Mac Studio and Mac Studio Display as well as new Apple Silicon chips.

M1 Ultra is essentially 2 x M1 Max components linked together with the fastest connections - 2.5Tb bandwidth - and seen by macOS as one chip so that there is no need to update any applications that currently run on M1 Macs

There are 114 Billion Transistors that deliver speeds 7 x faster than M1.

Just looking at the specs for a moment: 128 Gb Unified memory 20 Core CPU 64 Core GPU that’s 8 x faster than M1 As well as Hardware H.264 for Accelerated video encoding.

Mac Studio is in essence a double height Mac mini and with M1 Ultra is 3.8 x faster than the currently fastest 27” Intel iMac

Mac Studio is available with M1 Silicon from US $1,999 and M1 Ultra from 3,999 as from March 18.

Let’s look at the connectivity

4 x Thunderbolt ports, 10bit ethernet, 2 x USB A and HDMI port.

On the front panel 2 USB-c for M1 equipped and 2 x TB 4 for M1 Ultra equipped

Both have a SDXC card slot

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