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Introduction to the YouTube Channel

Video is the ultimate form of communication from an on-line Youtube tutorials and other social media - Instagram, Facebook, to streaming of TV movies through to breaking news, music videos - even Hollywood movies.

It’s not just the images that are important, as sound is an intricate part of the complete film, in fact it is more important in retaining viewers than the images themselves.

All of these embodiments of image and sound are meshed together to create both stories and emotions, they need to be edited by hand by someone who needs to understand the editing process as well as the use of the tools to facilitate their creative skills.

My passion is to help those using Final Cut Pro as their tool of choice, to understand the mechanics and workflow, in order to smooth the editing process and create films to that express themselves to the world.

Don’t disregard iMovie, while this is not as feature rich as Final Cut Pro, it is important for those with limited editing knowledge because iMovie gives you the ability to just get things done - quickly and easily, without the software getting in the way of the creative process.

Join me in this journey to learn the editing process of Final Cut Pro or iMovie and begin to allow your creative juices to flow, without the software getting in the way and distracting you from producing your award winning pieces of art.

In my channel, there are over 250 videos on different aspects of Final Cut Pro and iMovie - There is always something new happening, so there are new videos uploaded every Sunday.

I look forward to helping you with your video editing and I can also help you on a “one on one”, personal basis - we can share screens over the internet and I can show you how to solve issues or create workflows on your computer in your home or office.

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