Final Cut Pro update 10.5.2

Today Apple have updated Final Cut to version 10.5.2. There are no major new features added except for RED users. Mostly This is a stability improvement update. Details are below:

Final Cut Pro 10.5.2

  • Adds support for a new Universal RED plugin enabling native RED RAW decoding and playback on both Apple silicon and Intel-based Mac computers.

  • Improves stability when playing back H.264 video files with corrupt data.

  • Fixes an issue in which text could disappear when double clicking a value field in the inspector.

  • Fixes an issue in which FCPXML files created from drop frame projects would import as non drop frame.

  • Fixes an issue that may prevent custom Motion titles stored inside the library from appearing in the Titles browser.

  • Improves stability when choosing the DPP/Editorial Services metadata view with MXF media.

  • Improves stability when using AirPlay with Final Cut Pro on a Mac computer with Apple silicon.

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