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Essential Knowledge Final Cut Pro 10.5.2 - Beginners Tutorial

This video will give you the essential knowledge needed to get started in Final Cut Pro.

Final Cut is easy to use - when you know how - watch for 20 minutes and you will save many hours of time trying to work things out for yourself

No need to search the internet - it’s all in this video.

You can work along with the actual clips - which are downloadable and free to use -


New Library: 1:05

New Event by default - today's date: 1:18

New Project: 1:24

Import footage: 1:56

The sidebar for organizing clips in the browser: 2:20

Smart Collections: 3:00

Favorites: 3:19

Organize and Categorize: 3:51

Pre-Edit: 3:58 Automatically finds people: 4:23

Start the Edit to timeline: 7:00

"R" key to select a range: 7:27

Locate Transitions: 7:46

Add Transitions: 8:32

Effects: 8:51

The Inspector: 9:14

Titles & Generators: 10:08

Titles: 10:32

Change Fonts and text effects: 11:16

Change text color: 11:33

Undo inspector's changes: 11:43

3D text: 11:55

Generators: 12:22

Audio adjustments: 13:08

Audio Meters: 13:53

Color Correction: 14:37

Exposure Tab: 15:20

Saturation Tab: 16:37

Color Tab: 17:03

Instant Color Change - Color Looks: 18:01

One last word on Color: 18:30

Export - Share: 18:45

Export Just a part of the timeline: 19:25

Multi Split Screen images: 19:51

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