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All you need to know about Final Cut Pro Effects

This is an overview video is first in a series about how to edit, add and remove Effects in Final Cut.

This is an expensive look at audio and video Effects so check the timestamps in the description below to jump to the parts of this video of most interest to you.

The video is going to be a reference resource for you to come back to - save this video to one of your playlists so you will have quick access to it when you need it,

Final Cut labels many things under the Effects category - including colour correction, audio correction as well as both video and audio Effect plug-ins both free and paid.

The videos in this series cover all of those categories in detail. Check the I above for links

You will see how to add effects and how to remove them from just a single clip in the timeline or from multiple clips. You will also see how to remove just a selection of the effects on a clip while leaving others in place.

I will also tell you where to find plug-in effects including over 1,000 Free Plug-ins.

You will see how to create a favorites folder for Frequently used plug-in Video effects.

Finally you will see what to do if Effects are missing and also how to transfer them to another computer.

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