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New "Object tracking" review Final Cut Pro update 10.6

Along with the announcements for new macBook Pros and the M1 Pro and M1 Max chips, Apple also quietly released the update to Final Cut Pro 10.6. also Motion Compressor and iMovie

There are 2 x major new features

Object tracking and Cinematic mode for video off the iPhone 13, which allows for focus to be adjusted in Post.

This video is a quick review of “Object tracking” - something that has been missing from Final Cut Pro and long awaited.

Object tracking is simple to implement but it does require you to know where the settings are hidden.

I am going to have text follow the subject on the screen, also have a count down timer follow a plane taking off.

And finally an easy way to pixelate and track a moving face.

Just one word - you need macOS Big Sur to be able to run the 10.6 update to Final Cut Pro.

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